If Dallas Cowboys played Sunday, it would have been ‘tough’ for Dak Prescott with injury



Dak Prescott might have been unavailable Sunday if the Dallas Cowboys were not in their bye week.

Prescott injured his right calf on the last play of last week’s 35-29 overtime win against the New England Patriots.

An MRI exam the next day revealed a calf strain.

Cowboys executive vice president Stephen Jones said Sunday after a FIFA World Cup 2026 press conference at AT&T Stadium that Prescott may have struggled to play this week.

“It would have been a tough one for him to make it today, but that would be speculating,” Jones said. “I don’t know. Obviously, we would have had the way we were treating him differently if we were trying to get him to play today versus next week. That does afford us a little leeway to work with him in terms having until next Sunday.”

During the press conference on AT&T Stadium being a potential host for the 2026 World Cup, Jones joked about massaging Prescott’s calf.

“He’s doing great. He really is doing well,” Jones said. “He’s very optimistic still about [playing against] the Vikings. As we all know, I don’t know many people who would want to bet against that guy. And I think, in his mind, he’s playing against the Vikings.”

Prescott has remained in town during the bye week, including attending a Dallas Stars game with his girlfriend Natalie Buffett on Friday at American Airlines Center.

“The man is committed,” Jones said. “He’s been working 24/7 on that calf.”

Prescott wore a protective boot immediately after last week’s game but downplayed the severity of the injury. He even joked with the media that it would give them something to write about during the bye week.

The Cowboys (5-1) play the Vikings (3-3) in Minnesota next Sunday night, Oct. 31. The Vikings are also off this week.


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