Curtis Sliwa gives Mayor Bill de Blasio an ‘F’ at debate



Republican mayoral candidate Curtis Sliwa gave Mayor Bill de Blasio an “F” on his eight-year tenure, saying he’s taken a “wrecking ball” to the city and is so disliked by New Yorkers that he’s taken to walking through a cemetery where his companions are silent headstones.

“Guy has been a miserable failure,” the Guardian Angels founder said on ABC-7 Tuesday night at his second mayoral debate with the Democratic candidate, Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams.

“He has singlehandedly taken a Miley Cyrus wrecking ball to a city we love,” Sliwa continued. “When he marches in the streets he gets booed.

“His fellow residents from Park Slope — very liberal and progressive — are booing him, catcalling him, so where did he retreat to? Greenwood Cemetery, the cemetery nearby.”

The candidates were asked to grade de Blasio’s performance during the debate.

“Is there a grade below D? F!” Sliwa said.

Adams gave de Blasio, who is a political ally, a B+.

Both candidates agreed that de Blasio’s “biggest success” was free pre-k for all city kids.

Eric Adams had more positive things to say about the NYC mayor.
Eric Adams had more positive things to say about the NYC mayor.
NYC mayor Bill de Blasio
Sliwa added that de Blasio gets booed in Park Slope, a liberal area.
Stephen Yang

“What he has done with 3-K, pre-K laid the groundwork for what I’d like to build on,” Adams said. He also cited de Blasio’s municipal ID program that gave illegal immigrants an official city identification card, as one of the mayor’s greatest achievements because it gave those New Yorkers access to public services.

Adams said de Blasio “could have done better” tackling the Big Apple’s homelessness problem and improving inefficiencies in city agencies.

Sliwa hit Adams for his ties to the unpopular mayor, saying, “You partnered up with him Eric Adams for eight years.”

Eric Adams and Curtis Sliwa
Both Adams and Sliwa did agree on de Blasio’s biggest success being free pre-k for city children.

“Did you say B+? That’s social promotion at its worst. He’s been a disaster and you’ve been his teammate,” Sliwa said.

Early voting is already underway and runs through Sunday. Election Day is Tuesday, Nov. 2.


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