Cuomo, de Blasio more unpopular than Donald Trump: NY poll



In a stunning development, disgraced Democratic ex-Gov. Andrew Cuomo and current Mayor Bill de Blasio are now both more unpopular among voters in heavily blue New York than former Republican President Donald Trump, a statewide poll released Monday reveals.

“Former President Donald Trump has long been the pol with the lowest favorability rating among New York voters. No more,” Siena College pollster Steven Greenberg said.

Thirty-seven percent of 801 registered voters of all political stripes viewed Trump favorably compared with 59 percent who viewed him unfavorably — a net 22 points negative.

But only 33 percent of all voters viewed Cuomo favorably compared to 60 percent who gave him a thumbs down — a net 27 points negative.

The results didn’t surprise the Trump camp.

“Trump is incredibly popular in New York. Just listen to the chants at last week’s Giants game,” Eric Trump, the former president’s son, told The Post Tuesday.

As for Hizzoner’s unpopularity, Trump said, “It’s heartbreaking that de Blasio has run the city into the ground and has caused people to leave in record numbers.”

Former Gov. Andrew Cuomo
Ex-Gov. Andrew Cuomo recently resigned in the wake of numerous sexual harassment allegations.
Matthew McDermott

Cuomo resigned from office in disgrace in August under the threat of impeachment after a damning report by state Attorney General Letitia James’ found his alleged rampant sexual misconduct violated state and federal law.

But the numbers are even worse for de Blasio, the term-limited mayor who is considering a run for governor.

Only 25 percent of voters view him favorably compared to 56 percent who have an unfavorable opinion — a net negative of 31 points.

De Blasio was even toxic among Democrats, where only 36 percent of registered Democrats statewide viewed him favorably, while 47 percent viewed him unfavorably.

NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio
Mayor Bill de Blasio ranked dead last among voters favoring him with just 25 percent, according to the Siena College survey.
Stephen Yang

As for Cuomo, only 49 percent of fellow Democrats viewed him favorably and 43 percent unfavorably. A strong majority of Democrats said it was right for Cuomo to resign and two-thirds opined that he committed sexual misconduct against multiple women.

Trump fared better than Cuomo and de Blasio in large part because the Republican faithful admire him. Nearly 80 percent of the GOP faithful had a favorable view of the 45th president.

The poll, taken from Oct. 10-14, has a margin of error of plus or minus 4.1 percentage points among all 801 voters queried.


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