A son is charged with the murder of his mother at a South Miami-Dade bus stop



When Loretta Bruno got dropped off at the bus stop near her Florida City home in Tuesday morning darkness, the friend driving Bruno saw one of her children come out of the bushes behind the bus stop.

And, the friend told Miami-Dade police, Andrew Eloissaint pulled out a gun and shot his mother. Bruno, 48, died at the bus stop.

Eloissaint, 20, was arrested Tuesday morning and has been charged with first-degree murder and attempted first-degree murder for also allegedly shooting at the friend who drove Bruno. Eloissaint is being held without bond by Miami-Dade Corrections.

Loretta Bruno in a September 2020 photo that was her Facebook profile photo

Loretta Bruno in a September 2020 photo that was her Facebook profile photo

The arrest affidavit says Eloissaint and Bruno argued often over inheritance money from Eloissaint’s father, and he told Bruno, “If you don’t give me my money, you’re going to see what’s going to happen to you.”

According to Miami-Dade property records and other databases, Aurelio Eloissaint died in 2011, leaving Bruno the house in which she and Andrew Eloissaint lived. Andrew Eloissaint and two siblings are listed as remaindermen on the property, meaning they would inherit the property at Bruno’s death.

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