Virtual Audio Cable 4.15 Free Download [Latest]

By | December 10, 2017

Virtual audio cable

Virtual Audio Cable free software allows its users to transfer wave streams. Each of them consists of a pair of the waveform in input and output devices. Any software can send wave stream to an output side throw a cable and other software can receive this stream on an input side. All transfers are made in digital form. It providing no wave quality loss and with a bit-perfect streaming. If the user simply needs a function just like a “Stereo Mix” under Win7/Win8 and in Vista, there could be better to try and enable this software in your audio adapter.

virtual audio cable alternative

Virtual audio cable crack is written entirely in object-oriented in C++ language. It has not external dependencies. The Properties and Configure buttons allow you to setup multiple channel features and device audio quality. All the signals are coming into the cable as input and going to the cable output. virtual audio cable download becomes simple to make PC sound recording or too connected with a player app to the recorder. This software is completely independent with your actual loudspeaker and microphone, no relying on them in any way.

virtual audio cable crack

Virtual audio cable alternative is very easy to install. First get the setup of this software. If it was previously loaded in your system, then you first uninstall it before installing a new version of Virtual audio cable. Open it and Configure Virtual audio cable full. Then Configure the Power SDR to utilize this software. After all the steps check and see if a Virtual audio cable is properly working or not. Then Select a digital mode in Power SDR and make sure radio button is at ON mode and not in Stand By mode.

virtual audio cable free


  • PCM format conversions
  • Sound control features
  • Watermark control technology to improve stability with unstable software’s
  • Signal mixing in output port and client
  • Unlimited clients connect with each port

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