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By | January 28, 2018

React Studio

React Studio review lets its user make components either in code or in visually, and then use these components interchangeably in his designs. Customize user components by latest property UIs & dynamic previews in an editing canvas. The user can compose excellent & simple components together in the larger units at every depth user can imagine.

react studio documentation

How to use React Studio windows?

First, open React Studio download on your system. Then a welcome screen is appearing.  There it gives the facility to the user to open and created a Mobile-first web app page, Custom-Size web app, and component pack page. If the user clicks on to create a Mobile project then he goes another screen. There he changes the settings and app styles.  Then open the main screen after change settings and app styles. Then import an image on this software and change the layout from the layout options if the user wants. Here the user can also a format and device for which he can edit this pic. React Studio tutorial also provides user many tools to write on the pictures with different also gives its user many tools in layers which make it so excellent such as a screen, Element, Layout, Data, and interact.  And user also adjusts the alignment from the layout. If the user wants to set some font settings he can do it with the element option. Then if the user wants to insert a button on his image then just drag the button from the Elements. Then if the user writes a story about his image or other and also user text element to do it and adjust it from the element options. And users also do many other editing and make his project excellent. Now user can save it and enjoy.

react studio tutorial

How to update React Studio development?

If users have already React Studio in his system, then only open the software & it should present the user with an update. If the user does not have it yet, then download the software from our site free of cost.

react studio documentation

Features of React Studio documentation

  • Version control integration
  • Integrated Plugin Editor
  • Create Plugin command
  • Change component state interaction
  • 3D preview into editing canvas
  • User interface

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