EasyBCD V2.2 With Crack Free Download [LATEST]

By | February 20, 2018

EasyBCD download is the best, powerful and easy to use boot modification software. It gives facilities to the user to manage to create, all the boot files & use multiple systems on the same PC. It is designed to manage windows bootloader and also known as the BCD (BootManager) on the windows based operating system (OS). EasyBCD free has Extra accessibilities which can be used to add the ISO file, VHD photo, WIM photo, that contains operating system into windows boot manager, & add non Windows operating system into boot features list, including Mac and Linux.

easybcd for windows xp

Benefits use of EasyBCD portable

EasyBCD free download will Boot anything in Linux, Windows, BSD and macOS Boot both from & into ISO images, USB drives, virtual disks, and other more. It will Boot from anywhere it creates bootable USB sticks with the repair utilities which the user can take with his anywhere. It is Protect against the disaster it is creating entries to the boot in the recovery utilities and in the safe mode to prepare for the rainy day. It has many Painless editing features such as rename, add, configure, reorder and remove, entries at whim. It is solving all the difficult problems easily. It is used EasyBCD full for troubleshooting Windows, repair bootloader, back up and other more. It has the Powerful scripting with the NeoGrub. Users have the power to hide the change active flags, create complex boot scenarios and partitions.

easybcd free download

What’s new in EasyBCD for windows xp?

  • Moving System & Bootmgr from D to C drive
  • Grub4dos prompt with Kali Linux
  • Editing BCD on another drive
  • Adding Ubuntu to Windows multiboot array
  • Switching to GPT Partitioning Scheme

easybcd full

Features of EasyBCD crack

  • Rename, add, configure, reorder and remove BCD entries
  • Boot from & into the ISO images, USB drives, virtual disks, etc.
  • Create bootable USB sticks with the repair utilities
  • Create entries to boot into the recovery utilities
  • Change active flags, create complex boot scenarios and Hide partitions
  • Troubleshoot Windows, repair and back up the bootloader, etc.

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